The MCAMW and NECA-DC are proud to introduce the latest addition to the Project Management Training series. Understanding the importance of Project Managers, we want to ensure that there exists quality training to further develop these leaders. This 4-week Advanced Project Management Training program is designed specifically for intermediate to expert level project managers. This program highlights skills that are critical to the success of any project manager.

We developed the criteria for this course with the support from some of the highest-ranking professionals in the industry, along with additional input from active project managers in the field. The content of this course will expand on the most important concepts covered in the 8-week Project Management Training offered in the fall, including lessons on: project interviewing, kick-off and close-out, bidding, estimating, contracts, documentation, claims, and labor productivity.

 Part 1 | June 24, 2020 | Online

 David Ashcraft - 360 Virtual Presenting as a Project Manager

  • Improve Personal Online Presence 
  • Identify Tips and Tricks to Improve Engagement in a Virtual Setting
  • Receive Analysis Tools to Assess Your Current Verbal Delivery  

Part 2 | June 30, 2020 | Online

 John Koontz - Measured Mile Analysis

  • Identify the Key Measures for Productivity Loss
  • Provide a Plan for Adjusting Workflow to Limit Loss
  • Review the Latest MCAA 2020 Change Order Productivity Overtime

 Part 3 | July 8, 2020 | Online

 Fred Mendicino - Contract Documentation and Claims

  • Effective Documentation in the Modern Contract Environment
  • Presenting and Preserving Claims
  • Mapping Out the Recovery Process in the Event of a Loss  

Part 4 | TBD | Online

 Woody Woodall - Effectively Running a Project from Kick-Off to Close-Out

  • How to Effectively Run a Project from Kick-Off to Close-Out
  • Sharpening Bidding Skills
  • Effective Estimating Practices

Recommended Audience:

Intermediate & Expert Project Managers